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Demand Solutions DSX enables you to increase your visibility in supply chain processes with powerful demand planning capability and inventory planning.


You can share your all demand forecasting studies with your shareholders towards Demand Solutions DSX.


Demand Solutions DSX manages your time efficiently by providing your planners the correct information and on the right time.

Advantages of Demand Solutions DSX

Consolidating your stocks

Define your product families with DSX, settle on your stock administration by seeing the entire picture. As soon as going live, create your own product families and constitute your system in the way your managers see the system.

Communicate with all the ERP systems

Organizations use Demand Solutions DSX as demand forecasting interface. It is easy to integrate DSX with your existing system and fast to transfer data.

Add insights to your planning

Always consider 80/20 principle on your sales and demand forecasts. DSX provides you a multiple ABC analysis that distinguishes the high valued items to eliminate low profitability products.

Delicate consideration on your planning processes

Many managers can prepossess outputs using their insights. Following that, DSX accepts inputs like detailed customer sales forecasts, invalidated managements, notes on future developments etc.…

Use cockpit for better sight

DSX has all the sales data a system should have for you to make the right decision. Customizable cockpits make decision making easier for your planners and make it possible to present different data formats coming to you from demand management.

Manage your products objectively

Conduct your new or repetitive products easily. Forecast your new products by implementing historical data of similar ones. Update your forecasts as your sales grow. At the same time, use the tools to conduct your products’ exit and entrance to the market.