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What is PRODA Intranet?

PRODA Intranet is an in-house social network where the workplace can organize and authorize its own pages and content as they wish. At the same time, it is quite simple to provide communication between the institution and employees, to share and access information, to use and manage business processes. PRODA Intranet also works fully integrated with our Document Management and Process Management solutions.

Key Features

Content Management

Information about news, announcements, food menu etc. for your institution. You can create categories, add components to your pages for categories, and authorize user groups to access these areas.

Process management

You can move your processes such as expense entry, advance request, meeting room reservation used in your company to PRODA Intranet and enrich the processes with automatic e-mail sending.

Document Management

You can forward your company's documents to the employees/worker groups you specify from a single point without getting lost in e-mail traffic. Your employees can create folders for themselves and store their files on the intranet.

Event Management

You can plan paid/free events for your employees, important days, holidays on the calendar and share them with your employees by enriching them visually.


You can organize your menus and pages according to the structure of your company.


You can create custom and department-based authorization groups. Record entry, view, change, delete etc. on the basis of the page or the section on the page. You can edit all permissions.

Features That Make a Difference

Active Directory Integration

With Active Directory integration, your company's employees can also log in to the intranet automatically.

Human Resources Integration

By integrating the human resources software you use in your company, it can enable users to see their payroll self-service, manage their leave tracking and approval processes, celebrate birthdays, join us, etc. You can post notifications.


You can view the reports you want your employees to reach instantly by moving them to the intranet.

Organization chart

You can share your company's organizational chart with your employees by enriching it visually on your intranet portal. If you wish, you can show this area integrated with your human resources module.


Employees can easily access the allowed information of other company employees (eg photo, department, position, company e-mail account, internal, etc.).

Mobile Compatibility

Your employees or visitors can also access the intranet from their phones with mobile compatible interfaces.