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PGS - Performance Development System

Personnel Development System (PGS), in order to reduce the company strategy to each employee on an individual basis, objectively evaluate the employees according to the standards determined by the company in line with the target, competence, development plan and career plan, feedback from both the user and the company official, and the preparation of corporate reports. It is the platform where performance evaluation processes are managed.


It aims to reveal the reasons behind the success and/or failure of the employee at work, thus increasing productivity. In addition to having information about the employee, it also allows you to evaluate the work done. Also, do not forget that it is a platform that aims to develop your personnel rather than evaluating them.

Working Structure

Anywhere Access

Your employees can access PGS from a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a browser.

Business Family and Competence Pool

It can create your company's job families and competence pool. You can create scoring categories based on classes.

Business Goals

You can create business goals with measurable criteria with different points distribution to your employees. You can set constraints on business goals parametrically.


With different scoring methods, you can objectively evaluate business goals and competencies - again with predefined questions

Evaluation Approval

Your senior managers can review and approve the scores given by the managers or send them for re-evaluation.

Creating a Development Action Plan

You can create a training plan for your employees based on the evaluation results.

Development Monitoring and Evaluation

According to the development action plan created, you can monitor whether the staff has made progress and take notes on your agenda.

Executive Agenda

You can take personal notes about your employees depending on the competency, business goal, and development activity plan. You can review these notes during the evaluation period.


According to the evaluations made, you can analyze your entire company, departments, sub-units or individual people.