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Proda provides digital transformation consultancy with its more than 20 years of experience including management, process and technology consultancy to companies that are in the stage before embarking on their digital transformation journeys.


In addition to this, For companies that are ready to advance, Proda provides implementation and management of ERP, BPM, CRM, BI, RPA, APS, Industry 4.0, IoT and special software solution like (Collaboration Portal, B2B, PGS, etc.) integrated directly into their software.


PRODA's proactive working strategy strives to lead its clients to the most accurate solutions and technologies by constantly tracking and utilizing technological and sector advancements.

Our Values

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

Our priority is to present true and quality solutions to our clients after analyzing their requirements.

All ideas are valuable because the human is valuable

Since the first day we believe in the round table(araştır) idea. The unity of the consensus represents the power of Proda.all our employees and their ideas are valuable to us, so at Proda, no ideas are overlooked

Continuos Innovation

PRODA aims to direct its customers to the most accurate solutions and technologies by closely following and applying the developments in technology and the sector with its proactive working approach.

Principle Of Transparency

We publish our KPIs, which contain information about our project and support activities, clearly in the form of graphs and reports that can be accessed by all our customers through our support center.

Solution Oriented Approach

We first try to solve the needs of our customers with the products we have. At this point, where we cannot find a solution, we lead our customers to our special software department or ready-to-integrate apps by researching their needs according to the cost-benefit analysis.

Positive Inequity

The reason we support positive discrimination is that we believe every person should have equal rights and freedoms. The conditions ought to be a force for the disadvantaged groups, and society should fight for the rights and freedoms of everyone who composes it

Proda in Numbers

Years of Experience
Female Engineer
Employees with masters and phd
Customized Solutions For Each Of Our Customers