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PaperWork platform manages both your processes and documents in digital environment. Eliminates paper forms. It allows you to manage jobs from web and mobile environments. It distributes the works according to the workload of the employees and measures the time they are done. Instant follow-up of the works and measuring the process performances bring agility to the company. It enables processes to identify problematic points and correct them. By making resource planning, it allows you to use your employees' time in the most efficient way. It enables documents to be viewed and revised by authorized persons. Manages the sharing of documents and approval processes within the organization

Distinctive Features

Paperwork, which can work fully integrated with all ERP applications, stands out from its competitors with its powerful features.

Advanced Workflow

No matter how complex, easily design and automate your processes with drag and drop method.

Document Management

Search and find your documents, track them with their versions, access them from mobile and other applications within the scope of authorization.

Native Mobile Application

Collect important information and documents with our Android and IOS application, include them in the process, access your documents whenever you want.


Manage your workflows from our apps inside Outlook, eliminate user resistance

Advanced Electronic Form

Remove inefficient paper forms, design even the most complex forms without coding with the form wizard.


Focus on the efficiency of processes with the PaperWork reporting system. Measure processes, identify problem areas and improve them.