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BI - Business Intelligence

In any case, planning for the future, surviving and growing in tough competitive conditions requires being a company managed with knowledge. At this point, Business Intelligence (BI) presents the methods used to process the raw data of businesses and make them more useful and meaningful.


Today, the most basic feature expected from business intelligence software is that users of every profile in the company prepare their own reports without the need for information processing, and easily share the instant results with their colleagues.

Microsoft Power BI is a rapidly growing cloud-based business intelligence and reporting platform that provides businesses with interactive insights.


While maintaining data security and consistency, it creates easy and dynamic graphics via its user-friendly interface and provides the opportunity to share them with people within the organization, on the web, and on mobile devices. Thanks to the interactive visualizations of Power BI, users are able to make the right decisions quickly when they need it.

Key Features

Easily Accessible on Mobile

It provides the opportunity to securely access live reports from any device, receive notifications on instant data changes, and monitor business activities directly from the mobile phone.

R and Python Scripts

With the support of modern programming languages, it provides convenience in data-mining applications such as classification, estimation, decision tree creation.

Multiple Data Sources

It provides the ability to discover multiple data sources and gain a comprehensive perspective in a single application without compromising performance.


Wide Range of Visualization Capability

It allows the user to customize their reports with a wide range of visualizations.



High Data Security

Protects data end-to-end with double encryption, enabling the secure creation and sharing of analytics insights.


User-Friendly Interface

The simplicity of Power BI allows to access details, for any level user -a manager or an analyst-, with as simple as a few clicks.


Example Applications

With this application, you can analyze the sales data of your business.

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With this application, you can analyze the financial data of your business and compare the annual sales and profit-loss status.

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With this application, you can analyze the import data of your business.

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With this application, you can analyze the stock data of your business and easily track the stock status.

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