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Digital Transformation For Beginners And Digital Maturity

A long time ago, companies kept their records in ledgers. When you wanted to gather or share information, you would deal with papers, files, photocopies, and faxes.

Then came the computer trend then most of the companies started to convert their paperwork into computer files. We call the process of converting this information into digital "digitalization." But digitalization is not about changing the way you do business. As digital technologies evolved, people began to generate new business ideas. Not only to do old things faster but also to use technology in new ways. It is the idea of digital transformation that begins to take shape. With new technologies, new ways of doing business have become possible.

Digital transformation is; the process of using digital technologies to create or change existing business processes, culture and customer experience to meet changing needs.

As you move from paper to spreadsheet and Smart Applications to manage your business, you have the chance to redesign the way you do business and interact with your customers.

Today, running a business with sticky papers and notebooks is no longer sustainable. But thinking and planning digitally can make you agile, flexible, and ready to grow.

But first, as businesses begin their digital transformation, it is also beneficial to take a step back and evaluate their current situation to understand whether they are doing the right things.

The level of digital maturity refers to the level of digitalization at your contact points with your customers, your organizational structure, the information systems you have and the level of automation.

Determining your digital maturity level also allows you to define your potential to provide services in a competitive framework by evaluating the processes that affect your strategic goals.

With the determination of your digital maturity level, you will also reveal the distance you need to cover in your digital transformation journey in line with your vision and goals.

Digital transformation is a long journey. Therefore every business has to invest in and maintain digital transformation to increase the income, quality and efficiency of products and services.


Good luck in your digital transformation journey.