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Institutional Evolution and Maturity

In institutions in our country, senior management takes part in all decision processes and operations. It is also very effective in the growth of the business. However, in order to achieve permanent success, a collective working order must be established in institutions. In order to overcome the problems encountered in daily life, you must be accustomed to working together and reach institutional maturity. Elements constituting institutional maturity; quality of human resources, maturity of business processes, technology used, digital tools and organizational structure. It also refers to the evolutionary process of the institution.

Institutions should structure their business processes in a healthy way in order to offer quality, fast and economical products to their customers. In other words, corporate maturity is the organization's determined implementation of defined business processes and, as a result, reaching its goals and objectives. From this point of view, the success of the institution in managing its processes and its continuous improvement are of great importance.In order for organizations to reach these goals and achieve the desired performance, the application of process models that include the best practices will also contribute to their processes.

In many organizations, performance management's ties to processes are overlooked, as well as the difficulty of implementing it. However, do not forget that if you apply performance management, you will periodically perform a check-up for your organization. This check will also give you an idea about your organizational structure and processes.

Without the necessary balance within your organization, you cannot advance your maturity level. The balance referred to here means that the maturity of any element is at the same level as the others. Otherwise, this aspect of you will be your “problem child” while implementing your strategy. To improve the maturity of your institution, you should partner with more mature companies that are your age or slightly older, and you should work with customers who are at least as mature as you. When you do this, you will find that your business environment pushes or pulls you to take you to the next level. It will be extremely beneficial for you to catch this upward momentum in a controlled and stable manner.

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